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2023 Open Gym
and Auditions

Ready to Keep that Portland Spirit Up?

We are looking for new full-time, part-time and production members to become part of our dynamic volun-cheerleading team. Whether you're an experienced cheerleader with a stunting background, just starting out and want to dance and cheer or helping us in the background without performing interest, we offer opportunities to join our team in any and all capacities! We're super close to our 2023 open gyms and auditions, so make sure to digest all of the info below for all of the logistics and know exactly what to expect as you decide to come cheer with us!

Open Gyms (Complete)

Thursdays August 10th, 17th, 24th, and 31st*


Fernhill Park

*We recommend that you attend 3 of the 4 open gyms as audition materials will be taught.


Auditions + Interviews

Thursdays September 7th and 14th


Empire Athletics

2023 Practices and Events

Our entire team practices every Thursday (7-9:30p) from September to July (Holiday break in Nov/Dec!) at Empire Athletics. If you're unable to commit to the weekly practices, don't worry as we have a part-time performer or production option for you! We practice weekly to learn and perfect new dances, cheers and build stunting skills. Our coaching staff has a practice plan and agenda each week to make sure we're preparing for upcoming events and progressing as a team. 

To RSVP and get more information, fill out this form to join our Recruits page in the Band app. 

Spirit, Stunting and Production

Thorns Squad.webp

Pyramids, Baskets and Libs!

For those who are skilled in stunting and eager to showcase their safe stunting techniques, the stunting part of our team is the place to be. We combines dance, cheers, and impressive stunts to elevate the energy and excitement of our performances. If you have experience in stunting and are ready to push the boundaries of what our team can achieve, we want to see it!

Rose Squad.webp

Keeping Spirit Alive!

Our spirit squad is perfect for individuals who prefer not to engage in stunting. This part of the team focuses on dance, cheers, and bringing energy to the crowd. If you're passionate about showcasing your dance abilities and spreading cheer, the Rose squad is the ideal fit for you.

Cheer Portland Internal-All photos-42120705127.jpg

Production Heroes

Each year there is a group of unsung heroes who help Cheer Portland stay polished and looking fresh. The production team members manage the social media pages, publish websites, or coordinate events to make sure Cheer Portland runs smoothly. ​


If you aren't interested in cheering but do have an interest in using your unique skill-set to benefit Cheer Portland then let us know!


In our effort to maximize our impact in the community we keep our production in-house. Custom music mixes, web publishing, financials, and design all are created by our production members who volunteer their skills and time to our organization.

Image by Katie Rainbow 🏳️‍🌈

What to expect at open gym

Thursday(s), August 10, 17, 24, 31 - 6-8p

Open gyms are a GREAT way to meet potential and returning members and find answers to all of your questions about Cheer Portland. You'll have the opportunity to understand our mission and values, build connections, share experiences and create lasting friendships within our cheerleading community.

Fernhill Park in NE Portland hosts our informal open gym where we meet for 2 hours to fully get acquainted with what to expect for the next few weeks as we prepare for auditions.  During the open practices, our experienced coaching staff will ensure your confidence and comfortability while learning a short cheer focused dance, the Pride Cheerleading Association (PCA) cheer and stunts/safety technique for those who are interested and capable. 

What to expect at auditions

Thursday(s), September 7, 14 - 6-9pm

After you've attended 3 of 4 open gyms, you're welcome to formally audition and interview for Cheer Portland!


We'll be asking all applicants to perform the dance and cheer learned in open gym, and those interested in stunting to perform a safe and technically sounds stunt with the group of their choosing.


Most importantly, be prepared to share your thoughts, experiences, and ideas during our required interview process. Your passion and dedication to our mission will play a crucial role in our selection process.

We look forward to meeting individuals who are not only prior or brand new to cheer but also advocate for diversity and inclusivity. Together, let's make a difference in the cheerleading community and beyond!

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